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All About Search and Booking Bus Ticket in the UK

If you are looking for information about your next bus trip, you are in the right place.

Bus Prices is a search tool created to help your coach travel plans.

Here you find the main bus companies in the UK, plus their bus routes, timetable, ticket fares, and stations.

Travelling by bus in the UK is usually the cheapest way to get to your destination.

Besides the price, coaches are usually more comfortable than others transportations options.

And you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery during the trip.

If your journey is to others countries in Europe, maybe you should consider another transport option like train or plane. It can be faster and cheaper.

Bus Companies in the UK

Bus Prices has routes, bus times and bus prices about the main coach companies in the United Kingdom.

Megabus Bus Ticket

National Express Coaches Tickets

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Oxford Tube Bus Ticket

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Popular Destinations in the UK

London Bus Tickets

Leeds Bus Tickets

Glasgow bus Tickets

Bristol Bus Tickets

How to Search a Bus Ticket?

You can start your bus search on

So, you should fill up the two highlighted indicated boxes.

The first with the place you will be leaving from, and the second with the destination that you want to go.

Then, you can check a list with all bus available on that day.

You also will find bus schedules, trip duration, bus fares, and travellers reviews.

After you selected a bus departure time, Bus Prices will give you more details about this ticket.

You can click on “buy tickets, ” and you will be redirected to bus company's website where you can buy your bus ticket online without any extra fee.

How to Get a Bus Ticket?

Coach companies offer several channels, online and offline, to buy a bus ticket.

Buy Bus Ticket Online

Most of the bus companies sell bus ticket online through the website or app.

It is the easiest and quick way to buy your coach ticket.

Usually, the payment can be made by credit card or debit card.

The ticket confirmation will be sent to you by email or SMS, in some cases.

Booking Bus Ticket by Phone

Many bus companies provide for your passengers a free number to buy a ticket.

You should call, chose your coach ticket, and pay using a credit card.

International travellers also can buy tickets by phone.

Note that some coach companies will charge an additional fee for this reservation method.

Booking a Bus Ticket at Bus Station

You can find bus stations in various cities around the UK.

In most of them, you can buy your coach ticket.

At the bus terminals, you can make the payment using credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Booking a Ticket with Bus Driver

Some companies sell the ticket through the bus driver.

In this situation, you need to buy a ticket before boarding on the coach directly with the driver.

Usually, you only can pay with cash.

How Much is a Bus Ticket?

The bus ticket prices are related to the route and bus type.

The further is the travel more expensive will be the coach ticket.

The bus type also influences the ticket fare. Usually, first-class coaches have a high cost than standard buses.

Bus Ticket Cancellation, Exchange and Refunds

If you need to cancel or exchange your bus ticket before the departure date, you must get in contact with the bus company to request.

You must do it at least 48 hours before the travel.

Each carrier has their cancellations and refunds policies.

In some cases, the coach company can apply a charge for the cancellation and changes.

How to Get a Discounts on a Coach Ticket?

If you want to buy a cheap bus ticket, note promotions and discounts may range from company to company.

Most of the times, the carriers offer reduced bus prices for children, young, elderly and disabled passengers.

Some companies allow babies up to two years old travel for free.

Before buying your ticket, check with your carrier if there is any discount available.

How many luggage can I take on the coach?

Each bus company has your luggage policy.

It is important to verify this rule before your journey.

Remember, the company can charge an extra fee for oversized luggage.

Fleet Services

The coach companies in the UK invests a lot in their fleet.

The buses are modern, safe, and comfort to guarantee an excellent travel experience.

Usually, you can find some amenities during the journey.

Some facilities are:

Air Conditioning


Reclining seats with headrests


Wheelchair accessibility.

Wi-Fi (available in some bus routes)

Bus Trip Tips

Can Pets Travel by Bus?

No, pets cannot travel.

Except for trained service animals, that assist the disabled passenger.

For more information get in contact with your bus travel company.

Passengers with Disabilities

If you need some assistance for travellers with disabilities during your travel, request it to the bus company.

The company has employees dedicated to assisting the passenger with disabilities.

Before Boarding on Bus

You should arrive at the terminal gate at least an hour before bus schedules.

The boarding procedure can take at least 30 minutes.

It depends on if you have luggage to dispatch.

Have an Excellent Bus Trip!